Blood Moon Eclipse Ritual

Today is the Full Moon in Libra with a Lunar Eclipse. By the time you are reading this blog, this has already occurred (5:01 AM PST). And now we get to feel the effects.

The Earth’s shadow will paint the Full Moon reddish-brown for a brief moment, giving it the name “Blood Moon”.

Eclipses generally shake things up and when they happen to the Moon, they will shake up your inner realms. They throw a spotlight on your subconscious to bring to the surface that which needs to be released so that you can feel more deeply, heal, and repair.

The Moon in Libra asks you walk your path, to bring balance into your life in a whole way. So, as the Eclipse shakes things up internally, Libra will entice you to create equilibrium. Your needs and desires will be brought to the surface and you are then given the opportunity to reflect on whether you are receiving what it is that you desire… on every level, in every part of your life.

Some things will stay. Some things will give away. All for the greater purpose of finding inner peace and love.

Amazing to take a moment and feel how the Moon lives through you. That her phases, transits, and signs are felt in every fiber of your being, especially when you are present and awake to her.

Full MOON Ritual:

1.  This evening, after the Moon rise, go outside and stand under the Moon.  In this ritual, you will be partaking in the Ancient Tradition of Moon Bathing.

A Moon Bath is often an overlooked and powerful way to reconnect with your Feminine Power.   This is similar to sunbathing. With sunbathing, you receive the positive effects of the sun (I will acknowledge that there are also negative aspects of too much sun!).

With moon bathing, there are only positive effects. The Moon has a natural affinity to the Feminine. Absorb her energy. The Moon will bestow intuitive qualities, open your psychic channels, and bring balance and harmony. The Moon honors the Goddess in us all. Just as you would sit under the sun to sunbathe, you will sit under the Moon to absorb her energy and allow her to magnify your feminine nature.

Let her light in. Receive. Feel her effects. You can do this during any phase of the Moon cycle. Of course during the Full Moon, you will feel her light bathing you. Drink in her medicine. You may do this alone or with friends.

2.  When you are bathed in her Light, speak out loud what needs to be brought into balance in your life. What wants to find her solid footing, whether it is painful or easeful to create? Is that the dynamic in your relationship? Is that to end a friendship? Is that to begin your life’s work in this world? Is that to bring in more self-care? Take your time as what you are intending is going to be held by the movements of the cosmos.

3. With the Light of the Feminine shining upon you and your words spoken out loud or internally, commit to an action within the next 24 hours that will ground in this balance and will ultimately create more peace and flow in your life.  Let the Moon be your most supportive witness.

4.  Place your hands on the Earth. Root this desire and action into the Mother Earth as a way to anchor in this moment and your path to reclamation.

5.  Once you are complete, give thanks to the Blood Moon for this experience of reminding you of the Empowered and Connected Woman that you are.

Leave your Comments below to let us know how this Blood Moon Eclipse is feeling in your body, mind and Soul.

Here is to Powerful Full Moon Medicine and the Beauty of the Feminine Showering You….With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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