Things are falling apart and I don’t know what to do.

“Things are falling apart and I don’t know what to do.”

These are words I recently heard from a client.
Have you ever felt this before?
That your life is falling apart?  Or things just aren’t going your way?
And that you are watching the crumbling because you have no idea how to “fix” it?
This past spring, I worked with a woman (Samara) who had irregular and painful cycles, a marriage that was breaking down, and a business that wasn’t making ends meet. She was frustrated.  Confused.  Overwhelmed.  Irritable.  Stressed.  Sad.  Angry.
We started addressing her physical health challenges and slowly, there was an unearthing of how low her self-worth was and how little she believed in herself.In my work, while we are working on the physical, we also focus on the emotional.  We started looking at how her low self-worth was interfering in her life and ultimately, her health.  One major area was in her finances.  Making more money was important to Samara as she was needing to contribute more to her family’s income.  She’s a copywriter and was charging $25 per hour for her services.  Some jobs took her 5 hours and some 25 hours.

She was highly trained and quite an expert in her field… and knew that she could charge more.  Every time she went to increase her prices, she hesitated and stopped herself.

She would meet a new client.  The client would fall in love with all that she had to offer.  And Samara knew that this client would be willing to pay top dollar.  And yet, she found herself still quoting $25 per hour.

She was overwhelmed by all of her work and frustrated that she couldn’t increase her prices.  She was judging herself for being away from her children so often.

I made her a flower essence formula that consisted of Missouri Primrose to increase her self-worth, Borage for courage, Larch for fear of failure, Black Currant for embodying more of her identity and expertise, and St Johnswort so that she stayed present and in her body (she had a tendency to check out when overwhelmed or scared).

One week after starting her formula, Samara had a meeting with a prospective client.  She followed her same new client protocol and when the client asked her fee for a 5 hour per month gig, she quoted $1200 per month as a retainer fee.

With no hesitation, the client signed on the dotted line.

When I asked Samara later what happened (after we properly celebrated this victory), she said what was so amazing was that the price just came out of her mouth.  There was no fear or self-doubt.  It was just her truth.

This is oftentimes how Flower Essences work.  Issues that seem as though they will be with you forever simply disappear.

I have to say that I did not “coach” Samara on what her new fees might be.  I simply invited her to step into her artistry.

Although it is very exciting that she quadrupled her income, what is even more exciting is that she increased her deservability and her capacity to receive.  And it was easeful.

And from this place, so much more opened for her:

  • She asked her husband for more support around the house and he said yes.
  • Her husband started telling her how beautiful she is (she hadn’t heard this from him in years) and she took the compliment in, saying “Thank you.” 
  • She got two more clients at this price, freeing her to take less work and spend more time with her children.
  • Her painful cramps that insisted she lie down for hours on end her first and second day of her Moon subsided and ultimately disappeared (there is so much to say about this connection between self-worth and our cycles that I will be teaching in the Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Program).
  • With more time and space in her daily schedule, she managed to go for a walk or yoga class in the morning which was deeply nourishing.

We know as women, that one thing ties to many.

For Samara, part of her journey was addressing her self-worth and following practices to stretch her new receiving muscle, which completely transformed her life (emotionally, physically, and spiritually)… and her family’s.

For other women, it might be about healing shame or grief or violations.  It might be about sifting through overwhelm, irritability, and anxiety.

Every woman has a different story and journey.

Are you or your clients in search of a breakthrough?

A shift in perspective.
A shift in beliefs.
A shift in outer results.

If this idea is intriguing to you and you want to add Flower Essences to your medicine bag, hit reply and we will set up a time to chat.

There are 3 spaces left in the virtual Flower Essence Practitioner Training Program and we begin on September 22.

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To your greatest breakthrough sister!

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