What would you tell your 14 year old Self?

Every time I sit in circle with women or take on a new client, I hear many of the same longings.   At the core of who we are, we actually desire similar things in our lives.

And what I know to be true is that most of the time, it is the lens in which we are navigating through the world (our beliefs, conditionings, past hurts) that directs us in our choices.  So, if you are finding yourself not experiencing what your heart is envisioning, it is most likely because of something that happened in the past that has imprinted in your body or mind.  Although you might now be 27 or 45, your inner child is still wounded and her pains haven’t been addressed.

For a moment, imagine how you felt as a 14 year old.
Pause and reflect on how you entered “womanhood”… perhaps feeling different, misunderstood, fearful of intimacy, worried about being liked?
Think about how you felt around your friends and what you felt like in your body.

Have you taken time to address some of these issues and/or acknowledged their presence?

If you answered no, then my sister, those heart aches are still informing your present day life.

What if you took a moment and focused on your 14 year old self within?

In this month’s episode of WomanRising TV, I am inviting you to “reparent” your inner adolescent.  I believe that taking time to speak to your 14 year old self can actually shift how you are interacting with your children, your partner, your boss, your friends.

In this episode, I speak to my 14 year old self, and truth be told, in one of the takes, I started tearing up.  Tears for years lost and for believing that I was different and therefore, flawed.

What would you tell your 14 year old self?
What might you share with her to make her feel more relaxed, open, connected, and loved?
How might this then impact your present life?

Share your love notes to yourself below.

Pass this along to a woman in your life who is struggling in her relationship, with her feminine health, or her work.  What is happening in our present life is always linked to unresolved past wounds.

This is a simple and yet, quite powerful practice.
Take some nice deep breaths.  Perhaps light a candle or turn on your favorite music.  Imagine yourself at age 14.  Speak to her heart.  Notice how you feel afterwards and leave your comments below.

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What would you tell your 14 year old Self? — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Joanne,

    I’ve taken your powerful (therapeutic) advice, and reached deep within myself to grasp unto my 14 year old inner-self for a moment of solitude full of encouraging words. Every spoken word was intended to heal and reassure my inner child that “life is about changes, but its how we respond to it that matters, and to be conscious of the present yet prepared for what she may encounter tomorrow.” last but not least, I wanted my 14year old self to know that FAITH will take her far in her journey….THANK YOU Joanne, for giving me permission to break down and piece myself back together beautifully. (Please excuse the typos and grammatical errors, I’m using a tablet not a laptop.) I hope the universe continues to send a wave of positive energy in your direction….for all the fresh insight and bright light you bring in your readers lives. Take Care! God Bless!