Summer Solstice Celebrations

For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Summer Solstice.  The longest day of the year.  And for those in the Southern Hemisphere, you have the shortest day of the year.  I love the visual of all of us sharing the sun and partaking in her light and then dark.

The cycles of the Sun, weaving us together no matter where we live.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this is a time where we move into the Fire season (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) or Summer.

This is the time when we:

  • Rejoice in the blossoming of the seedlings/visions we planted on Winter Solstice and then Spring Equinox.
  • Honor the Sun and his masculine qualities of light and being active.
  • Delight in pleasure and fun with friends and family.
  • Celebrate the colors, the bounty, the abundance of life.

In recognition of Midsummer, I have created 3 Rituals for Summer Solstice (and a special Solstice video)


1.  Midsummer has long been thought to be a time of magic.  During this time, the veils are thinner (like at Samhain in October) and you might see fairies singing to the plants or possibly “evil” spirits.  To connect with the fairy realm and partake in plant medicine magic, you can wear a garland made of herbs and flowers.  I am a HUGE believer in always wearing flowers as a way of mirroring Nature.  Adorning myself with flowers in my hair reminds me of my deep connection with the plant world.

2.  To honor the Fire element, a favorite ritual is to lisummer-solstice-fire-sommersonnenwendfeuer-franziska-marie-orbachght a fire. Fires have tendencies towards bringing people together, right?  Light a fire, invite some friends over.  Delight in the medicine of Fire where you are free to share stories, tell funny moments from your day or past month, and of course, celebrate in fire’s ability to transform all that you are ready to release.

3.  Summer Solstice marks halfway through 2014.  Now wouldimages (1) be a great time to journal and tune into whatever intentions and/or visions you seeded earlier in the year and access how well they are manifesting.  Summer is a time when all life comes into full bloom and we see/experience/feel the abundance of Mother Earth.  If your intentions are manifesting, make sure that you acknowledge this.  If your intentions feel a bit sluggish or unclear, sit in the sun or by the fire or light a candle, and journey to your greatest desires.  The light of the Sun gives energy for movement and activity.  Ask the fire to reveal what wants to come through you maybe this summer or perhaps for the remainder of the year.  Use the fire to transform any blocks or confusions and to light the way for your greatest gifts to unfold in the world.

And lastly, enjoy the latest episode of WomanRising TV, Summer Solstice edition:


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