The practice of Naming

If you don’t know, this spiritual powerhouse is running for a seat in Congress.  Alanis Morisette sang and the theater was packed with hundreds of people interested in bettering the world.

Every Monday night, she rents out a theater and gives a talk with time for Q & A.  I have gone to many of these evenings and I am always impressed by her generosity (of her time and expertise) as well as her incredible intelligence (she can rattle off statistics for hours).

Besides being applauded for her work in sharing the teachings of A Course of Miracles, she invites every person to take a political stand.  She believes that as conscious beings, it is essential that we move into the political arena and shine our light into the darkness that is living there.

One of the things she mentioned last night that really resonated with me is that every political movement starts out personally.  Freedom from slavery, women’s rights, Native American justice.   An individual stands up first and then the government follows.  With enough momentum, the individual can create a collective shift.

What happens for many of us is that we feel apathetic.  We feel the devastation happening in our own country and around the world but we feel powerless to actually making changes.  So, we ignore and move on.  We put our feelings into some hidden vault within and we pretend they are not there.  Or we bring them out at dinner parties as conversation pieces but never act on them.

And of course, this conversation can be reflected into our personal, individual lives.

So, I started thinking about my own life.

Where am I being apathetic?

What am I not addressing for fear of what will then change?

Generally, I know when I need to make a big shift in my life.  I have a tendency to ignore these “knowings” for awhile.  I hold on to what is familiar, what is comfortable because it can feel easier.

But avoiding my feelings is actually not easier.  It only prolongs what I know needs to change.  It can be exhausting and truthfully, it’s not in alignment with my commitment to my inner evolution.

There have been times in my life that I knew a relationship wasn’t working or my health was not at its best or my finances had run low.  And rather than “deal” with it and address what was happening and why, I moved forward, put a smile on my face and pretended that all was good.

But on the inside, my doubts and fears and anxieties were bubbling up, waiting for permission to erupt.

So, what to do?  If we are in fact conscious beings, we must shine light and love into all of the prickly, dark, messy parts of us.

For me, a powerful practice is Naming.

Give a name to that which is present.  Naming invites awareness.  Naming invites that my attention is now focused on this very thing I have been avoiding.

Naming might mean saying that you are not being met in your relationship and it is time to part ways.
Naming might mean that you are being a victim rather than empowered.

Naming might mean that you are in fact scared that your bank account is low and you need to get a J-O-B.

Naming gives context to your fear and anxiety.

Naming takes a lot of courage because once you do this, there is no turning back.  No avoiding or ignoring.  You have just given presence to that which is not serving your greatest evolution.

So, tell us in the comments below:

What have you been avoiding for fear of heartache or pain?

What needs your attention?

What shifts are absolutely necessary right now?

Name this and move forward.

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