You are Loved by the Divine

I am not sure if it’s the colder weather and the pull to hibernate or the intensity of life shifts, but I seem to find myself curled up in my bed or on my sofa writing in my journal.  I am naturally giving myself time to reflect on my life and inner stories and let go of that which is no longer serving me.I have been hearing about a lot of deep inner inquiry and releasing happening from women around the world.  Part of this is “normal” as we come to the end of December and reflect on the past year.  AND, there are also very powerful Astrological happenings that are forcing us to transform.  It is likely that some of this is/will be uncomfortable, heart-aching, or even deeply painful.And yet, without growth, we generally wither away.  Growth is the necessary means to our happiness and desires.So, if you are feeling your emotions percolating right under the surface or you have been moving through anger, sadness, shame, or guilt, I share with you this writing that came through to me.

This is meant to be a reminder to you if you are struggling right now or feel alone.

You are loved by the Divine.
Whatever names you use for this energy… Mother Earth, Great Spirit, Isis, God or Goddess, Mary Magdalene, Amma…

You are never alone.
There is infinite energy at your disposal, holding and assisting you.Remember that the Divine rejoices with your every breath.
Shudders in your embrace.
Celebrates in your courage.
The forces of the unseen world are constantly celebrating YOU.Sometimes it can feel that there are too many emotions to navigate in life, and yet, Spirit never gives more than you can handle.

And even more, the unseen forces are always working towards your Soul’s greatest unfoldment.  When you look at your life through this lens, it can be easier to move away from any stings or challenges or overwhelm.  This is not about “failing” or “shutting down” or any state of lack.  In fact, your feelings and experiences are a reflection of what your Soul is asking to learn at this moment.  What medicine is needed for you to walk your Sacred path.

So, my sister, know that you are Loved today…. by the Divine.
All that is happening is orchestrated by powers that are limitless and powerful and loving and in resonance with coaxing out your greatest magnificence.
You are never alone.
There is infinite energy at your disposal, holding and assisting you.

My biggest request is that you breathe into the knowing that you are not alone.  And that there are millions of other women navigating through similar issues, feelings, and fears.
Please let us know in the comments below how you are doing as we round into the final weeks of 2014.

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You are Loved by the Divine — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Joanne totally love this blog post. I have been feeling very in touch with my emotions these last few weeks. I feel like Im becoming more spiritually open to life and opportunities and part of that is fun but it also feels a little weird but I realise that its just the unknown and like you say we are always growing. Thanks for sharing this post. Mel

  2. What an inspirational post. It was good timing for me to read this as I can feel shifts happening for me right now as we speak. I’ve always felt that my day job wasn’t my highest calling, and have yearned to get my writing career going more full time. I end up getting writing done during my free time, which seems minimal, but the last week or so, I’ve had a few health challenges (back/neck injury, and cold) that has forced me to take some time away from my day job. I fear that the company will look badly upon my calling in sick, but I feel I need to do so to take care of my health. This makes me feel uncertain about the security of my job, especially since I need the income it provides, but there’s also an excitement in the mystery of not knowing what lies ahead. I’ve always wanted to have a writing career, sell my TV series, write for TV and movies; and have a more fulfilling career. This stage of unknowing leaves things open, and I hope this leads to something more in alignment with what I feel called to do, and live my life on more my own terms.