This isn’t what my mom taught me about my Moon Cycle

I have learned a lot from my mom. I credit her for my deep knowing that I must go after my dreams. My mom has been self-employed for the last 30 years and I watched her bust her ass to achieve her dreams and reach her successes.

I have learned that generosity is one of the most beautiful qualities we can give to the world.

I have learned how to cook watching her in the kitchen. I am pretty sure that I got my green thumb from her. In the spring and summers, she would start every morning in the garden. She would connect to the plants and Nature before rushing off into the busyness of life.

I have learned the importance of family from her. At times growing up, feeling annoyed and inconvenienced by being with family and now, in such deep gratitude for the ties that have been created.

She has been with me through everything – bad breakups, possible pregnancy, college dramas, road trippin’ across the country, adventuring around the world.

Truthfully, even as I write this, there is so much that I am reflecting on in my life that is accredited to her love and presence.

But, this isn’t what she taught me:

  • To slow down
  • To consciously choose things everyday that fill my vessel (rather than only deplete)
  • To honor my menstrual cycle
  • To connect the dots between how I feel emotionally and what I feel in my body

Last week, I shared about my personal transformation around building my life around my cycles to access more energy, wisdom, and power.

And, I will tell you, having been raised by a mom who taught me to push and push to achieve my dreams, I often have a lot of internal push back about slowing down and following my internal rhythms.

Those few days before I bleed and even those first 2 days of my cycle, when I am laying on the sofa with my hot water bottle and a good book or movie, I can fall into feeling:

  • Self-indulgent
  • Lazy
  • Weak ‘cause I have given in to my body

But, that’s not the case at all. This is simply my conditionings coming up. And I have been in the practice of catching them before I start to believe them as truth.

I feel so good when I am honoring my body’s wisdom and her cycles. And I find freedom when I recognize the deeply imprinted conditionings around hustling and doing.

When I slow down, life becomes waaay more pleasurable.

When I slow down, I feel the potency of connecting to my body.

When I slow down, I use my energy more effectively.

When I slow down, I have the space to contemplate my life.

When I slow down, I access my creativity.

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