I am not always the Moon Goddess you might think I am

It has been quite the journey for me to partner and live with my cycle.  And honestly, I am still working at it.  

The biggest thing that gets in my way is my work.  I love my business… it is an extension of my truths, passions, and commitments.  And it can be difficult at times for me to create strong and healthy boundaries.

For example, last fall I was at a conference in San Diego.  I really wanted to be there to network, hang with colleagues, and be more visible in a safe community.

So, I excitedly drove to the conference and checked in the first day.  And after lunch, I started to feel completely exhausted.  And kind of flu-ish.  My joints were aching.  My low back was hurting.  I was having some mild cramping in my uterus.

And I just ignored what was happening in my body.  I was willing my body to feel better so I drank water and then tea and took some flower essences.

That night, I drove home and by the time I crawled into bed, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go back to the conference the next morning.

I just didn’t want to fight my body.

Firstly, I had made a commitment to myself about a year prior that I was going to LIVE in alignment with my cycle.  That meant that I was going to honor this wisdom that courses through my body.

A few days before bleeding and the first 2-3 days of my cycle, I was going to rest.  Powerdown.  Go inward.  Give myself permission to rest, read, watch movies, use my hot water bottle.

After all, isn’t this why women used to enter into the Red Tent?

I have to tell you.  Not going to the conference was a HUGE deal and a big decision.  I felt like I was leaving $ on the table as far as the networking and connections I could make.  I had Fear of Missing Out with my friends.

I kept coming back to my commitment to “walk” my talk and honor my internal rhythms.

When I plow through and ignore, I am exhausted, feel way more irritable, and usually have a more challenging flow.

When I take time out of my schedule and slow down, I feel so much better.

It’s amazing how much easier my life is when I honor my wisdom.

Now, for the 9 – 5’ers or mamas out there who can’t take a day off of work or motherhood whenever they feel like it, this can still be done.

All you need is intention and commitment.  And understanding how to chart your cycle so you can plan accordingly!

So, for those mamas or 9-5’ers:

  • Don’t make plans after work
  • Don’t plan to go to a big conference where you might have to be “on”
  • Be intentional about taking things off your plate
  • Order healthy take out
    Ask your partner to support you more (trust me, when sh/he sees the shift in your moods by slowing down, all will be possible!)
  • Ask a friend to watch your kids for a few hours while you take a bath

No one teaches us how to do this.  In fact, we learn the exact opposite.  We learn to push and strive and accomplish at all costs.  We learn to fit into the man’s world and be like a man to succeed.

When we do this,  we end up feeling shitty – burnt-out, exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious.

Guess what my dearest?  You are not a man and you can not fit into that box.

When you live in partnership with your cycle, you have more access to your natural energy.  When you slow down for those 2-4 days, you have more energy at your disposal the rest of the month.  You are preserving your energy.  You are using your natural energy flow.   This is the antidote to our low level irritability and stress.

Rather than pushing yourself the week before your period and during your period and spending the week after recovering, imagine what it might be like to listen to your internal rhythms?

In this partnership there’s a deep conversation around respecting the wisdom of our body.  We understand pregnancy and childbirth as part of women’s wisdom and yet we ignore our cycles as part of our wisdom.  And yet, this is wisdom we can harness all the time and which is necessary for a beautiful life.

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Today, I ask you to make a commitment to the wisdom of your cycles.
Respect it. 
Honor it.

And it will honor you.

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