A Holy Bow of Gratitude

You are Holy.

Yes, you in fact, are the Divine Feminine in form.

I know that life does not always make this easy to understand or feel.

But, sister it is true.

And I know that you have experienced fleeting moments of this.

When you place your toes at the Ocean’s edge and your hair caresses your neck through the grace of the Winds, you have felt Oneness.

When you held your baby for the very first time and your heart opened in a way you could never have imagined, you have felt the Goddess.

When you locked eyes with a beloved and realized that this person was going to take you on a blazing journey (either to burn you to ash or expand you in pleasure!), you have felt the Divine.

So, how can you have more of these remembrances (’cause I am pretty sure you want more)?


Gratitude is your prayer to all that is Holy.
For all that has been graciously been placed on your sacred path.
The Beautiful and Painful.

So, my sister, take a pause.
Speak all that you are Grateful for in your life.

And keep walking.
Walking towards MORE of those delicious, connected, completely “in-the-moment” moments that leave you enraptured and pulsating with the Divine.

On the blog, share your Gratitudes.
The world needs more of these Divine whispers.



A Holy Bow of Gratitude — 4 Comments

  1. There is so much to be grateful for. And one is this beautiful ocean we have here. It is truly magnificent and the coastal views are gorgeous. What a magic place to have my home and gift my child of this.

    Thank you