How to be a Healthy Feminine Leader™

As we move into Fall and drift from the outward summer months, you might be noticing more internal introspection.  As women, we move with the rhythms of Nature.  And Autumn is the time where we let go of that which no longer serves us.  We may grieve that loss and yet, we know, that it is in our highest good and we return it back to Mother Earth.

These cyclic rhythms are also enhanced through Mercury Retrograde that began last week, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse that happened early this morning, and another powerful eclipse happening this month too.

One of the themes I am noticing in my own life and that of my clients right now is the thirst to live more passionately.   As we inventory our lives, we become aware of places we have become complacent or even stuck.  And we lean into what we want to feel and experience.  That becomes our pathway to passions.

My clients are working on having more passion in their relationship, creating careers that are rooted in passion, bringing passion to their health and Feminine reclamation, and of course, committing to bringing out even more of their own inner passions or desires.

And I am doing this too right now.  What projects fuel my heart and Soul?  How can I serve you more in 2015?  How can I deepen in my intimate relationship and friendships?  Basically, how can I bring MORE of me into every aspect of my life?

When a woman decides to journey towards her desires and passions, she finds that it can be a windy and sometimes thorny path!  We find parts of ourselves that we may have known were there but weren’t quite ready to embody until now.

One common discovery I often hear from my clients is that they are ready to embody more of their Feminine Power.  This might feel like a big surprise or more like an inner calling that has been waiting to be heard.

Power can mean many different things.  Because our world shows us that those who have power, enslave others, most of us want to avoid this sort power.  It can often scare us or make us slow waaaay down on the journey to our desires.

Power has been warped and twisted into a mechanism of control.

But, when we discover the truth of who we are, separate from societal conditionings, we realize that our power looks and feels so very different.

And from this place, women start to feel ready.

Ready to use their voice.
Ready to give and receive more love.
Ready to receive support.
Ready to embody their mission.
Ready to touch into their wild and sacred.

And pretty soon, this readiness of power channels itself into Healthy Feminine Leadership™.

Leadership is not just about who you are in your work or career.
Leadership is about showing you everyday committed to your personal growth.
Leadership is not about control.  It’s about living in alignment with what is true in your heart.  Your “come from” is from a place of love rather than fear.
Leadership is about seeing others and their challenges through the eyes of the Goddess. (This generally means you show up in service)

How’s that for a new definition?

If you are interested in this subject, I am writing an entire book about this which I hope (fingers crossed and prayers sent!) will be out by Spring 2015.

In the meantime, if you want some simple and profound ways to stand as a Healthy Feminine Leader™, I taught a thirty minute class through the Entheos Academy.

If you don’t know about Entheos, check them out.  They are an online platform that specializes in personal and spiritual education that I think you will resonate with.

I dedicate this class to you.
And to all women around the world who have a hunger to share their love and gifts – in their homes, communities, and globally.

It is our responsibility as free women to take a stand.
To express our intellect and Divinity.
To shine our light into all darkened crevices.
To help others transform and uplift.

There are so many women around the world who wish they could have this opportunity so if you can’t muster the courage to do this for you, do this for them… our sisters.

Learn How to be a Healthy Feminine Leader.

I believe in this so deeply that I ask you to post about this course on Social Media and share with your friends.

I may be naïve but I truly believe that the more women expressing their beautiful truths and gifts, the more the world WILL change.  And we all know that the world needs more Feminine Leadership and Love.

I would love to know how this conversation supports you once you go through the class.
Click HERE.

To all Women Rising and changing the world through Love.

With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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