What are Flower Essences and Why would you use them?

One of my greatest privileges is to teach and share about Flower Essences as a modality for emotional healing.

Over the last 13 years, they have been the tool that I have turned to the most.  To move through my self-doubts, self-judgements, past pains, and conditionings to discover MY truth.  To find inner Freedom.

For many years, I kept this healing modality on the down-low.  I felt that no one would understand these esoteric remedies or worse, people would ignore the power inherent in plant medicines.  I only shared Flower Essences with my clients and close friends but outside of that, I kept my mouth shut.

I know a lot of women who do the same thing or a version of this. Dampen their light, make themselves small or even invisible, diminish their art for the sake of feeling “safe”.  The suppression of women’s wisdom over the last thousands of years has left subconscious residue that brings up fear when thinking of using our voice or speaking our truth or somehow going against the mainstream grain.

But truthfully, I can’t hold it in any longer.  I can’t continue to hide my truth for fear of being ridiculed. I am privy to medicines that will change your life.

And what I am discovering is that the more I hide, the more I take from you.  Flower Essences can heal your sexual shame and trauma, ease social anxieties, decrease fears, help to open your heart to love your partner more deeply, heal betrayals from past lovers or even your parents.  The list goes on and on so it is crucial for me to share with you so that you can move into your full healing and transformation.

I have started to share more openly in newsletters about specific Flower Essences and then yesterday I received a message on one of my Youtube videos asking to know what exactly Flower Essences are.

Click below to watch the lastest episode of WomanRising TV and learn, “What are Flower Essences and why would you use them?”

No matter what you are struggling with, there is a flower to help with your healing. Amazing right?!?   I have yet to meet an issue in 14 years (either through my own healing or in supporting my clients) that can not be helped with Flower Essences.

So, on the comments below, I would love to hear from you.

Have you ever used flower essences and have they been helpful?
Are you curious about learning more or using Flower Essences in your life?
Does this seem too esoteric or completely aligned with your truth?

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What are Flower Essences and Why would you use them? — 2 Comments

  1. Yes!! I bought a few a few months ago but only this week have started to use consistently and I have seen a HUGE shift already! Cannot wait to see where I’ll be upon continuing to use! Thank you for this post and video! I was wondering exactly how they worked! Xo

  2. Yes, flower essences are powerful. When I first took a Bach Flower Essences class 20 years ago, I thought what a bunch of bunk. A few years later, my naturopathic doctor suggested it, so I tried it. It worked very subtly — one day I realized that I didn’t feel the same way I felt before starting the remedy. I’ve used them for my clients and myself ever since then. I absolutely trust flower essences.