Finding your Why

When I work with my clients privately and even in my Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Program, I always ask for women to get clear on their WHY.

I can’t remember when I first learned about this, but it is such a valuable and simple practice.

For those of you on a healing path to emotional freedom, you must have a WHY.

Your WHY becomes your guidepost.

There is so much beauty and joy in emotional freedom.
On this path, your Essence is set free.
You create healthy and appropriate boundaries.
You speak your truth.
You prioritize your needs.
You make choices based on YOUR desires.

And mixed in with this liberation can be times of challenge.
When you feel into the times your father was emotionally absent and how that set you up to attract relationships of unavailability.
When you feel into the anger you have towards your mother who never listened to your needs.
When you feel into the betrayal of a lover who lied to you.

There can be a surge of anger, or even rage.  There can be a fountain of grief.  And it can be easy to fall into familiar patterns.  It can be “safe” to keep suppressing these emotions because they are so uncomfortable and even heart achingly painful

For a moment, you wonder if you can go “unconscious”.
You wonder if you can dismiss these feelings and will them away.

My sister, these feelings are your invitation to Freedom.

They are the fuel that gets you to the finish line of transformation.

But, you have a choice.  You can ignore these bombs of wisdom.  But, I will tell you from experience, that they will keep erupting until you finally look them in the eyes and acknowledge that they are speaking to you.

So, choose Liberation.
Choose YOU.

In these moments of doubt or fear or judgement, you need a WHY.
Why you desire to move forward.
Why it is important to set boundaries with your mother, even if the thought of speaking this makes you want to throw up.
Why it is important to feel the heart break of abandonment, even when you want to run the other way.
Why you will move towards your dreams no matter what obstacle is presented to you.
Why you are committed to your healing journey.

So, what is your WHY?

Light a candle.
Perhaps listen to some Soul-opening music.
Grab your journal and a pen.

1.  What is your why?
Why are you committed to moving through conditionings, obstacles, and/or limiting beliefs?
What pushes you forward no matter what fears, doubts, insecurities arise?

Answers will vary greatly.  For some women, their WHY is to be a role model for their children.  To show them that it is healthy and beautiful to heal.  For some women, their WHY is to be FREE from their past.  For some women, their WHY is to create a new Feminine Legacy.

Your why is completely YOURS.  And it will shift and change as you evolve.

Remember, your WHY is meant to help you course correct (change patterns and habits) when you want to give up, go back to “sleep”, and/or you want to flee from any pain.

Keep your why short and simple.
My WHY is…..

2.  Take this declaration of your WHY and place it somewhere in your home that will provide a powerful reminder – your altar, your refrigerator, bathroom mirror.  You must have an anchor of remembrance so that you stay on your healing path.

3.  Your WHY is easy to embody when life is in flow.  It is most needed when you have challenges and you want to revert to familiar patterns that do not serve you.  So, make this part of your spiritual practice.

Perhaps you chant your WHY as a Mantra.
Perhaps you tell a friend to text you every week to remind you and drop you back into your truth, wisdom, and power.

You may not always remember to stay connected to your WHY, but it can be such a powerful inner nudge.

Over the next few weeks through the holidays, you might find your WHY very helpful when around family or friends.

Finding your WHY will become your foundation.
The root that you stand on so that you are free.
So that you get out of the looping mire of your mind and Soul.

In the comments below, share your WHY.
It is powerful to acknowledge and speak this.
This grounds it into your life.



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Finding your Why — 2 Comments

  1. My WHY is to be FREE from my past that continually haunts me. I am trying to heal from the repetitive cycles/patterns that I repeat over and over again. I want to CHOOSE ME and be a healthy Goddess!