40% off Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday was my birthday.  I am 37 years old…. wowza!  I can’t believe another year has come and gone.

I am in Big Sur right now celebratin’!

There is so much that I learn about myself and the world every year.  Lots of small insights and then, of course, times of deep remembrances and truths.  Sometimes life is easy and joyful.  Sometimes it is messy and painful.

I thought about sharing a year in review for you but then I decided to focus on the last month as it has been quite intense and full of massive surrender, growth, and change.

I know many women are going through transitions right now and I thought this might be helpful for you.

Here goes…

1.  Our landlady gave my partner and I 30 days to move out of our home of 2 1/2 years for no reason.   Of course, the first thing I did was cry.  There was no way we would be able to move out and find a new home in that time (plus I was leaving for Prague the next day!).  This tapped into major fears around security.

I spoke to my landlady and through my tears took a stand for me and my partner.  I spoke my truth, I shared my hurt, I voiced my fears and frustrations.  She gave us 6 months more.

Remembrance/Truth:  The night before all of this happened, I said to my partner that I was ready to leave LA.  You better believe that you get what you ask for.   It just might not come in the way you imagine.

2.  I launched my Cycles of Wisdom online program and worked my tushie off!  I started working on this program in February.  I put my heart and more hours than I can possibly count into this program.  Cycles of Wisdom brings together what I have learned over the past 13 years in regards to women’s menstrual cycles and healing.

It feels extraordinary to be sharing with women in this way and witness their insights, realizations, and healing surrounding the powerful and magical force of their cycle.

Remembrance/Truth:  I moved through a lot of fear launching this program and becoming more visible online.  My posts on Facebook revealed more about my passions and beliefs.  I cried a lot.  I meditated and prayed a lot.  I took Flower Essences everyday to support the expansion of myself as a teacher.  Stepping out and claiming more of my power means having tools to sustain my growth.  There is always intensity when birthing new parts.

3.  I taught at 2 Festivals.  HOLY WOW.  I worked hours to create workshops that would be transformational and potent.  I swayed between gratitude for sharing my message through powerful platforms to completely stressed out with all of the work that I had each day.

Being able to share in this way was humbling, powerful, and also scary.  One of the festivals in particular pushed me to stand in my Leadership.   I felt honored to be really “seen” for my work in the world.

Remembrance/Truth:  All that I have been asking for is showing up.  And within this, I see my old tendencies of pushing and pushing in order to reach my goals and/or deadlines.  This is the paradigm of the masculine.  And so I must reconnect with my Feminine. I have got to walk my talk.  Pausing.  Nourishing.  Softening.  Loving myself.  This is now my daily practice again.  If I keep pushing, I will end up burnout and frustrated.

Second truth – Sisterhood holds the key for me to feel more connected, more powerful, more beautiful, and more loving.

So, you see, my life has been quite full the last month and a half.

The way I get through all of this is by having a tremendous amount of support.  For me, this happens through my spiritual practice, implementing growth tools, work with my Mentors, taking flower essences, talking with dear sisters, crying in my partner’s arms, connecting with Mother Earth.

And I know that you, like me, need support in your life to move you through challenges, to hold your expansion when there are a lot of opportunities, to assist you as you become more and more of your truest self, to avoid falling into old patterns and ways of being.

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You ready?!?!

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