The Wisdom of your Womb

courtesan-logo-with-text-e1379633949876Recently, I released my new website.  It started with a seed… a tiny vision of an idea. And then this seed, watered with the right amount of love, intuition, and knowledge, grew and grew. Out of me birthed this beautiful site, supported by incredible women (graphic designer, web developer, photographer).

As women, we have this incredible, elaborate, brilliant reproductive system. The sole purpose is to help us procreate and give us the qualities of the female. It is also the only system of organs in your body that you can live without. Pretty amazing, right? Working with women over the last 15 years, as an herbalist first, then a Doula and Midwife Assistant, and now as a Health & Empowerment Mentor, I see the reproductive system as more than just a system of hormones and functions.

So, what do I mean by this exactly? When we think of the body, we often think of its physical, tangible roles and responsibilities. I take it a step further and look at the body from its energetic, intangible capacities.

Women are the Ultimate Creatrix. Our reproductive organs are the vessel through which creation occurs and our wombs become the place of growth from seed to being. Yet, what if a woman does not choose to become a mother? Does this creative force just vanish? And what happens to this creative force after giving birth? Does Ultimate Creatrix just reflect those walking on the path to motherhood? Or is that essence in all women?

In my work with women, I have seen over and over the power of your womb. My belief is that our womb is our place of personal power, creativity, and infinite intuition.

Your womb as the seat of your intuition.
The voice of our intuition comes from our womb. Intuition is considered one of the most feminine qualities so it makes sense that it resides in one of our deepest, most intimate spaces. Intuition gives you that “hunch” to move forward, change direction, or just BE. Your womb is anatomically right around our small intestines (your belly) so what if that “gut” feeling was actually your “womb” feeling?

Your womb as the seat of your personal power.
Having witnessed 130+ women during labor and birth, I have witnessed firsthand the power of the uterus. This power has guided women through the cycles of life and death since millennia. Ever watched a woman laboring naturally? She is consumed by her sheer power and magnificence, often surprised by the surging from within. This power is our inner wise woman who is sometimes gently, sometimes ferociously reminding us to live our lives from our most fearless and freedom loving parts of ourselves.

Your womb as the seat of creativity.
Your womb IS your creative space, both literally and metaphorically. The energy of creativity is not just about the ability to conceive and give birth. It is present when you launch a business, when you are working on a new project, when you are creating a piece of art, when you are working towards financial freedom, or attracting an ideal partner.

When you are disconnected from your womb, your access to personal power, intuition, and creativity are diminished. You might even experience this on a physical level with reproductive issues like fertility challenges, endometriosis, PMS, fibroids, cysts, PCOS. There is no distinction between physical, emotional, and spiritual. What affects one affects them all.

So, I invite you to tap into your womb wisdom. I know this might sound far out but this sacred medicine within you is the most powerful on this planet.

Today, I am your angel and I invite you to hear the whispers of creativity inside and grow into a larger version of yourself. Everything you wish to create in your life is literally waiting inside for you.With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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The Wisdom of your Womb — 5 Comments

  1. I love your new website Joanne! The colors, design and banner are so fabulous! Awesome work and I'm excited to see more of this new evolution in your work! Many blessings 🙂

  2. Hi there,

    I loved reading your words about the womb!! So empowering I sent your link to 2 of my friends this morning!
    I’d love to be added to your email list!
    Thank you so much!



    • Thank you for your question Tat.
      Even without your physical womb, you still have your wombSPACE which is still intricately connected to the Moon and her phases.
      It holds the remembrance of the Divine that is your birthright and is full of beauty, wisdom, and the ability to create.
      Your rhythms may not be as obvious as before (menstruation and ovulation, etc), but there are still flows happening within.
      It is such a beautiful time for you to really anchor in to this potent part of your body Temple and meet her with a renewed sense
      of understanding…. and getting to know her in a different way.

      I hope this makes sense… Happy to answer anymore questions you might have.