Natural Tips for Decreasing Anxiety

Millions of women suffer from anxiety.  It has become an epidemic.

Low level anxiety or searing moments of panic.

98% of the women I work with struggle with anxiety.  And I myself have had my own dance with anxiety.

In the past I have felt overwhelmed which led to anxiety or fear which lead to anxiety or feeling stuck in my life which led to anxiety.  All very common experiences for women.

So, today, I would love to give you 7 tips to alleviate or eliminate your anxiety.  Sound good?

Tips to give Anxiety the Boot!

1.  Insomnia

If you are experiencing trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, make sure that you are creating an environment that is peaceful.  I know that this sounds like common sense but taking care of your space may be the last thing on your list.
As you get into bed, apply some lavender essential oil onto the soles of your feet to relax your nervous system

  • Clear the clutter from your bedroom
  • Use an eye pillow – this helps me tremendously!
  • Think of the colors that are in your bedroom – are they relaxing?

2.  Herbs!

As always, herbs can provide much needed rest to the nervous system.  They can alleviate anxiety by promoting relaxation, lessen any irritability, and help with your adrenal response.

Favorite herbs for this are:

  • Skullcap
  • Chamomile
  • Motherwort
  • Passionflower
  • Ashwagandha

3.  Flower Essences to the Rescue

Flower essences are the salve for most anxieties.  They soothe the emotional body so that all of those thoughts, fears, self-doubts, judgements, worries, and/or concerns disappear or are lessened.  There are flower essences for overwhelm, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, love addiction, creating a business that you desire…. truly anything that you can think of.

Any root cause that triggers anxiety can be addressed through flower essences.  They are unbelievable.  My clients generally feel their effects within 2-7 days of taking the correct formula.

4.  Meditation or Breathwork

Start slowly if you need to.  I really like setting up sacred space to sit and breathe… which means not in my car, in front of the tv, or while sitting at the computer.  Be mindful that your intention is to slow down.  Breathing can take the charge out of a full scale panic attack.

All you need to do is breathe deeply.  Take a breath from deep in your belly and feel your belly expand as you inhale and deflate as you exhale.  When you are breathing deeply, you can not be contracted and therefore, anxiety loosens its grip.  And as you breathe, focus on your inhale or exhale or something that brings joy.

5. Pleasure

We can never underestimate the power of pleasure.  Pleasure is a tool that is not taught in our society so most women are low in pleasure.   When you are feeling anxious, our pleasure meter really decreases.  In fact, we can’t imagine having a moment of pleasure.  And here is why this is needed.  When we are experiencing pleasure, we release oxytocin which is our love and bonding hormone.  The surging of this hormone brings our adrenalin and other stress hormone levels way down.  I invite you to do a pleasurable act at least once a day.

What brings you pleasure?

  • Dancing
  • Intimacy with your partner
  • A walk in nature
  • A manicure or massage
  • Reading a good book
  • Eating a delicious meal
  • Time with your partner, your children, or friends

6.  Become a fully resourced woman!

Our anxiety can be triggered because we have NOT given ourselves a chance to slow down, either emotionally or physically.  We are so in our heads and are constantly thinking of the next thing that must get done.  Many women are walking around completely resource depleted, meaning that they are giving and giving and their well is tapped dry.  This dryness, so to speak, can create anxiety.   Being tired, overwhelmed, unsupported, or depressed is fertile ground for anxiety to intensify.

How can you let others help you?

  • What jobs in your business or at home can be outsourced?
  • What activities of self-care are you employing to fill yourself up?
  • Who supports you in your life?

7.  Write in your journal

As women, we have a tendency to keep our feelings inside.  yes, we emote.  But, it is usually only with a select group of others.   If you find that you are keeping your anger, irritation, sadness, guilt inside, the only thing that happens is that those feelings fester.  Yuck!  Get them out of your system.

Get paper and write.  No one else will read this.  Get it all out.  Make it slimy, muddy, ugly.  Pull everything out.  I promise you will feel much better.  The charge disappears.  And most likely, your anxiety will decrease.

I hope these tips help.

Let me know in the comments below.  Do you have any other suggestions?

To a future of peacefulness!With Love....
And Remembering the Ways of the Feminine™,
Joanne Ameya

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