Woman Rising School for Feminine Mysteries and Earth Wisdom 2019 Offerings and Calendar 

This community is growing and growing and the offerings this year are being birthed from what has been asked and is needed for those walking the path of the Mystic Medicine Woman.

There is a sweet connection between the programs. You can take them individually or they can be woven together and journeyed through.

Space is limited for each program so if you are a YES, please make sure to get on our early notification list and you will have priority registration.


Autumn Equinox Ritual

With Autumn beginning, we find ourselves celebrating the Harvest.

We are in that in-between space where summer is disappearing and the darkness is beginning to be felt.
We honor the abundance and generosity of Mother Earth.
With the joy of the harvest also comes death and release.
Death is part of harvest.
Light and dark.
Masculine and Feminine.

We feel the power of polarities on this Holy Day.

Autumn Equinox takes place on Saturday, September 22nd at 6:54 pm PDT.  This is a day of balance of polarities. And after this moment, we are in the dark part of the year.

Here is an autumn equinox ritual to partner with gaia and her seasonal rhythms. 


Flower essences for grief as the wheel of the year turns to Equinox

As we are about to enter into the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, we find ourselves at a still point. The Wheel of the Year is about to turn and there is a transition present here for all us. You can feel a change. Gaia is directing us into another turn of her rhythms.

Autumn Equinox takes place on Saturday, September 22nd at 6:54 pm PDT.  This is a day of balance of polarities. And after this moment, we are in the dark part of the year.  This is the time when many of us begin to move inward, crawling towards the Core of who we are. There are many emotions present at this time, including Grief.

In Chinese Medicine, Fall carries the signature of Grief. Grief wants to hold us and invite us into its bosom so that the tender aches or the shattered-into-a-million-pieces can be Felt. Voiced. Every hollow of our insides can dive into the waters of our human-ness and know that it’s integral to our survival and thriving.

She who swims in the abyss of the dark waters. She who is your dear friend, healer. She, the Guardian of sorrow-filled tears, fist-shaking rage, and hard-to inhale breaths. She is with you. Tending to you so that you eventually make your way from the dark Womb Waters. Sometimes with a gentle glide, sometimes fighting for your life and sometimes after you’ve repaired those broken parts. She returns you to your Life. Different. Broken Open. Whole.

Don’t betray your own Grief.
 Let it have its way with you. This human experience demands you feel your heart’s cries and your Wombs contractions. When you dismiss or ignore it, those cries burrow into your cells, tissues, muscles and create a strain on your body. They become muffled agony that twists and contorts into even more suffering.

Each time you grieve, you release. You repair. You tend. You remember. You Live.
And you become Love for Love awaits you on the shores of those dark Waters.

Here are 6 flower essences to support you with your own grief.


4 Potent Practices to Support you During the Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse

On July 12th, the New Moon is in Cancer at 7:48 pm PDT. There is also a partial Solar Eclipse at 8:01 pm PDT. This is the first in a Trinity of Eclipses that completes on August 11. Needless to say, the next month is a very potent time for activations, beginnings, and endings.

During this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct in Cancer. Cancer is a water sign that is deeply emotive, intuitive, and connected to HOME. Because of the dark of this Moon, the Sun and Moon in Cancer, this partial Solar eclipse, and all that is happening in our world, you might be feeling even more sensitive, tender, alert, or emotional. You might be experiencing great upheaval in your work, partnership, and anything that provides a sense of security. This is a gift. Please remember this. These are opportunities for you to clean out old cobwebs of conditioning, “shoulds”, and any other deeply ingrained imprints that are not your Truth. These are times when you get to release and Dream your Light into being.

We are in a crucible of so much wanting to be reorganized, renovated, repaired, and released. Every which way we look, we can see the tired and worn out structures, as well as the Golden Age of Love, returning.

Here are 4 potent practices to support you during the cancer new moon and solar eclipse. 


The Wisdom of the Dark and New Moon {Practices & Reminders}

We are in this dark portal as the Moon makes her way to her New Moon phase on June 13th at 12:43 pm PDT. The Moon is in Taurus right now but will move into Gemini later today and stay there until Thursday (after the New Moon).

I wanted to share with you some Medicine that is alive right now so that you can use the Moon as part of your Council of Guidance at this time.



The Dark of the Moon refers to the period of time when the Moon exhibits zero illumination, while the New Moon starts the very first day that the moon appears in the night sky as a slim sliver of light. In effect, there is some crossover in their medicine, but the Dark Moon is actually what many women celebrate and honor in the New Moon.

The Dark Moon is the abyss. It is the Womb. The cauldron of Life that we are invited to experience every single month. The Dark Moon gives you access to Great teachers of the Spirit World, from Lilith to Mary Magdalena to Sekhmet to Persephone to Inanna to Kali. The Goddesses who reside in the Shadows and who are beckoning you to return to their ancient wisdom.

You need this time each month to descent into your personal underworld. To lay in the dark spaces that are familiar and that also carry pain. Journeying into your shadows is part of living the full spectrum of your life. From the ashes, from the pain, from the wounds comes the Full Illumination of your Self into Wholeness. It is the journey you take every month as a woman.


Your Maiden Self 3 Rituals on the Path of Ecstasy

Spring holds much magic as we witness the colors and sounds of Gaia’s awakening and blossoming after the depths of winter.  It is also the season in which you have great access to your Maiden Self or your Inner Child.Your Maiden holds the blueprint of your Soul.
She is full of the ecstasy of being alive, of carrying unique codes in your earthly body, and of being able to express herself, with no limitations or worries. Your inner child is pure, full of innocence and joy.  She is the one who wants to skip.  And play with her friends and the fairies. Who wants to BE and play and enjoy. And sees through BS to Truth, always.  Ever hang with a little kid?!? She is also the one who most likely endured trauma, at the hands of others.  And so along with carrying the sweetness of the Divine, she also carries wounds and hurts. Because you may not have had someone by your side as a child who was helping you process through intense life events, you began to tuck trauma away, out of reach.  Or at least away so you didn’t have to see it all the time… or feel it. But, it has been with you. Creating life situations and circumstances.
Your Maiden is a huge part of what your life looks and feels like, RIGHT NOW. You see, when you experience trauma and it sits in your body, it becomes the filter through which you see the world and make decisions.
Your Maiden is holding some limiting beliefs like:
“I am too wild.”
“I’m ugly.”
“I’m stupid.”These beliefs inform your actions:
“I am going to tone-it-down, meaning I am going to conform myself so that no one really sees me and I don’t take attention from anyone else.”
“I’ll never find a life partner.  Who would love me looking like this?”
“I went for a great job interview but why would they hire me?”And then your actions create your reality. 
We all like to prove ourselves correct so we play out scenarios so that we can affirm the beliefs we carry.You have to repair the past in order to live freely in the present. And your Maiden can be one of your Guides.
3 Rituals to Work With Your Maiden and Experience More Ease in Your Life